Maradona would be better off comparing himself to Jimi Hendrix

Maradona compares himself to old leather face Keith Richards
Pele recently compared himself to Beethoven and Michelangelo which had Diego Maradona climbing the walls of the Sistine Chapel in outrage. Don Diego and Pele have had this back and forth on who is the greatest footballer of all times.
Maradona’s response: He’s like the Ronnie Woods, Keith Richards, and the Bono of football because of his passion.
Passion? Bono? Woods? Maradona got this all wrong. Bono has ceased being a musician for quite sometime now. He’s a celebrity sell out courted by heads of states. I can see why Maradona might like Keith Richards. At first glance, the leathery faced visage of Richards caused by a lifetime of drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes is hard to tell apart from Woods. Is that the image Maradona wants to convey?
Don Diego could have driven his point home better if he had used the Rolling Stones as a group to convey his sense of energy, passion, and commitment. Or the Who. As individuals nothing beats Jimi Hendrix or Joe Strummer. Especially Strummer who is a favourite amongst the working class for his anti-authoritarian lyrics. Hendrix because of his unrivaled flamboyance and scorching guitar licks on stage en route to being rock and roll’s greatest god.

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