Peter Crouch’s goal: Contender for best goal this season

Why is this the goal of the season?
First, Peter Crouch references his ungainly presence on the pitch, tongue in cheek with his robotic dance celebrations. At 6′ 7” he is better known for his aerial ability.
Second, the overwhelming technical quality of this goal. It was taken on the up as Crouch controlled Pennant’s return header, relied solely on spatial intuition for location of goal, rotated trunk and foot in perfect unison to strike the ball on its way down, creating the perfect trajectory to beat one of football’s best goalkeepers, from an acute angle about 18 yards out from goal. Even if Joe Hart had managed to save, this would have been a magnificent effort. He could not which meant this was the perfect goal.
A tall, gangly striker at ease with his head and at odds with his footwork or overall elegance on the pitch, creates a stunning masterpiece. Yaya Toure did his damndest to upend with his blistering equalizer but Crouch’s goal should stand and eventually replace Wayne Rooney’s iconic bicycle kick on the airwaves.

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