Balotelli and Kolarov get into it over a free kick

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Mario Balotelli busted into Andrea Stramaccioni’s press conference unannounced last week and against Sunderland yesterday he tried hijacking Kolarov’s free kick. Lots of jostling and pushing as Nigel de Jong tried crowding him out till finally Vincent Kompany, City’s captain having had enough told him to take a hike.
The Italian striker went all sulky while Mancini from the touchline looked he couldn’t believe his eyes. The City fans quite tolerant of Balotelli’s shenanigans till now reacted with boos. They are in a fight for the title with Utd. The last thing they need is dissension within the team.

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2 comments on “Balotelli and Kolarov get into it over a free kick
  1. It’s breaking down for Citay it seems. Mancini’s exaspserated, defeated look even when City made it 3-2 were so telling. Lets hope Arsenal does us a favor and we can take care of QPR. Then it will be all over.

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