Hall of shame: Dave Bryan

Dave Bryan.jpg
Dave Bryan looks on stonily as Roberto Martinez gives him a piece of his mind
Wigan was robbed of a win against Chelsea by an incompetent linesman. Dave Bryan was guilty of letting both Branislav Ivanovic and Juan Mata’s goal stand although they were clearly off side, the first more so than the second. Instead, Wigan now almost surely face relegation.
Roberto Martinez was rightly irate calling Bryan’s display “disgusting” which of course means he will be punished by the FA and face a touchline ban and a fine. Meanwhile, Bryan will go on refereeing without facing any consequence, without re-training, or technology to prove him wrong.
Watching the match on FSC, one was also struck by the reaction of “pundit” Eric Wynalda, snickering like a schoolgirl dismissing these blunders as a deserved win for Chelsea and three points in the bag. Warren Barton, who should know better having played for Newcastle, the struggle for promotion, hinging on games like these, was no less disappointing describing it lamely as Chelsea riding their luck. C’mon you two, this was a Wigan side playing invigorating football in Stamford Bridge who should have won. At least have the good grace to acknowledge that rather than prejudging a Chelsea win. They also missed a great opportunity to renew calls for video review technology.
Even small clubs have a heart and soul. In fact, that’s all they have sometimes.

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