John Terry doubtful after suffering cracked ribs

John Terry rib.jpg
John Terry’s ribs cracked after they were used to make Eve
John Terry revealed he had a terrible time breathing in the Benfica return leg at Stamford Bridge having suffered what he thought were cracked ribs sustained in the first leg. He was subbed off after an hour and is to undergo a scan. He’s one tough guy if that is what he’s diagnosed with having played all 90+ minutes in the win against Villa. There is not much by the way of treatment except nature’s course but in that time they hurt something awful every time one breathes.
Chelsea need him more than Roberto De Matteo because not only is he a talisman but in addition, he’s also their de facto coach. Bad timing because they have entered fixture congestion as the race to the league top four, the FA Cup, and the CL showdown with Barca all come up in double quick time. There is literally no time to breathe, eh??

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