Un-Cisseable: Newcastle’s sensation sinks Swansea, 2-0

It was the Papiss Demba Cisse show again! Another brace and the second one had genius written all over it. And a hat tip to Yohan Cabaye for creating both chances.
The Toons are now in fifth just behind Arsenal and Spurs. They are the cleverest team in the Premiership when it comes to opportunism. Swansea unsurprisingly dominated possession but unlike Newcastle did not have a player with the improvisational skills of Cisse or the quick eye of a Cabaye. Brilliant, brilliant, all around. Cabaye’s passes cutting incisor like to isolate Cisse to do what he does best. Stockton to Malone, Marino to Duper. Simple as that.
You can totally get behind this Newcastle team and I’m an Arsenal fan. What’s not to like? Cisse, Demba Ba, Yohan Cabaye, Ben Arfa, Gutierrez. It’s a whirligig of creativity. How did Wenger, Sir Alex, Dalglish, Redknapp miss out on The Cisse? They’re losing their touch or their scouts are just looking for the safest choices.

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