Brendan Rodgers in line to become Liverpool’s new manager

Roberto Martinez might have been trotted out to gauge the fans reaction to him. It did not go down well. There was more interest in Andre Villas- Boas but he did not make the short list. However, it now appears Brendan Rodgers, the manager of the Swans is in line to replace Kenny Dalglish.
He is to hold talks with John Henry and Tom Werner today. The Nobody But Rafa crowd appears to be guardedly pleased at the prospect of Rodgers as next manager. Under Dalglish, Liverpool had plenty of possession with very few goals to show for. Rodgers if he becomes the new manager has to continue what he did at Swansea with its emphasis on passing and to improve Liverpool’s goalscoring. Above all, the FSG management and the fans have to have patience and faith in the new man. The metrics of a successful season should be based in reality.

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