John Terry lifting the Champions League trophy the lowest point

Suspended captain John Terry who played no part in the Champions League final lifting the Champions League was probably as low as it could get. On the other hand, one cannot but feel happy for Didier Drogba, who lives and dies football everytime he steps out on the pitch. Even his orchestrated dives cannot be grudged. David Luiz seems to be the live wire of the team, hugging, kissing, and playing the prankster. The camera cut away at times to the dejected Bayern players. Those medals must have felt like millstones as they came off second best in their own home.
Michel Platini, the chief activist of the financial fair play rules handing the trophy and it vending its way finally to Roman Abramovich, the man most responsible for football’s present day curse of financial doping was a scene dripping with irony. Someday that will make its way to a documentary.

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2 comments on “John Terry lifting the Champions League trophy the lowest point
  1. JT should not have been able to have the Trophy, FL played a blinder of a game and should have held it a loft with another player that played and was not sent of for kneeing somebody!And getting changed into a kit who is he kidding? The man is the worst human being you could hope to meet.

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