Man Utd’s reaction as City’s result against QPR comes through

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Man Utd did their part as Wayne Rooney scored against Sunderland and then held on to win. It all looked good as City stared at defeat against QPR at the Etihad with three minutes left. Fans began clapping expectantly as Sir Alex paced around awaiting a possible 13th Premiership title. Then came the news City had snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

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2 comments on “Man Utd’s reaction as City’s result against QPR comes through
  1. As a Man Utd fan who became a United supporter back in ’83, the year I lived in Manchester and had the good fortune to have a family friend set us up with season tickets to Man Utd, it is not all bad that Citay won the EPL. Well, we did in fact live in the shadow of City’s old ground, Maine Road, and I must say I’d rather have City win it than the likes of Chelsea or Liverpool. Fair play to City. What an epic finish.

  2. Kev, Utd fought valiantly. This was the most gripping Premiership to date because Utd did not give up. But I must say Giggs and Scholes are long in the tooth and the club needs new blood. The Glazers really don’t have the same sort of money that City’s owners have, so it will be interesting to see where they get their new talent.

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