4 comments on “Part 1: Stadiums of Hate: Poland
  1. beautiful British propaganda in the Soviet style. As for me, the message is clear do not fly to the euro in 2012, spend money at the Olympics in London, where it is safer not have bombings and riots in the streets where residents set fire to their own city and rob their neighbors.. BTW 500 000 British visit Poland every year not even one have reported a racist incident in Poland… 43,426 incidents of racism were recorded in 2009 in United Kingdom where in the same year in Poland´╗┐ 209 cases of race related crimes were recorded…..

  2. All, the footage os the footage, how can anyone dispute what your seeing and hearing? Shame shame in 2012…

  3. u know what the difference is?! in the UK they actually report incidents of racism! those saying what the BBC shows is incorrect or completely false are just lying to themselves or oblivious to whats really going on in these countries. i have personally seen in both counties, insane racism. and what was my mistake? choosing to go there in my brown skin. u mentioned there were 209 reported cases in Poland? what u should really say is thats the number the government wanted to show in their statistics. i saw more than 209 racist acts in 1 day in Ukraine too. i know the entire population of these countries are not all racist, but dont make excuses for those who are. the problem needs to be addressed. it certainly is a real one!

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