Penalty, penalty, we cry with you Schweinsteiger!

bild schweini.png
Bild’s reaction to Bayern Munich losing to Chelsea with the crestfallen Schweinsteiger as the focal point.

2 comments on “Penalty, penalty, we cry with you Schweinsteiger!
  1. Still cannot believe Bayern through this game away. Quite obvious that it was written in the stars for Chelsea to win the cup after the games against Barca and now Bayern. Bitter as I may be, fair play to them as well for winning; they were resilient and it ended up paying off.

  2. Many people are bitter about the Chelsea win, having a go at Terry, saying they were lucky. Fact is we’re Champions of Euraope, get over it. CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE!!!! Get it? Good. Cause no matter how you try and twist it the fact will always be just that!!

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