Alessandro Del Piero to Montreal Impact?

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The Juve legend might be moving to Canada and becoming a Quebecois. If that happens he will join Marco Di Vaio, the former Bologna and Juve striker who became the Impact’s first designated player. The Gazzetto Dello Sport is reporting Del Piero is vacationing with Joey Saputo, the Impact owner in Florida.
What do the Impact get if they land Del Piero? Someone who keeps redefining peak, time and time again. He’s always at the summit. Giving a 110%. Juve’s top scorer and Bianconeri to the core. This will be a signing that will impact the MLS big time.

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One comment on “Alessandro Del Piero to Montreal Impact?
  1. Joey Saputo does come close to Del Piero’s knee
    When he states that Del Piero wanted to come to Montreal only for the money, Joey Saputo is not in a position to built himself the image of an individual with high moral values on the back of a guy who is thousand times more valuable than him. Joey Saputo and his family are part of the italian mafia, which is composed of people obsessed by the accumulation of infinite riches by all kinds of legal and illegal ways. They are the kings of greed and Joey Saputo, a daddy’s rich kid born with a spoon in the mouth, doesn’t even come to the knee of Del Piero, a guy who built himself alone by training hardly since a very early age. When one is ready to play for a team belonging to the italian mafia, he does it for the money, not for the love of the scums. All the Montreal Impact players know that their employer is part of the mafia. Same thing for a great number of the other MLS players. This kind of information circulates very quickly.
    Victor Petkov

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