Euro 2012: Group C: Spain use Ireland for target practice, 4-0

szólj hozzá: Spain vs Ireland 4:0 MATCH HIGHLIGHTS
Spain at their ridiculous best. Fernando Torres looking like the old Torres, eating up real estate with each huge gallop and flourishing a trenchant finish. Can we anoint Andres Iniesta? And did David Silva’s eye popping goal bring a tear to your peepers? Fabregas spurning his plaintive side made a killer move to seal a 4-0 washout. As a commentator on the Guardian thread said, ” The football made me want to be Spanish. The singing made me want to be Irish.”
The Irish are out but they will leave the Euros with their fans having earned a place in our hearts. What does it all mean for Irish football? Very few have the answers. Roy Keane doesn’t have any, he just sounds bitter. Spain was always an underachiever despite all that sophistication but they found that much needed metal in Euro 2008 in the form of Marcos Senna. Now there is a generation of tough minded footballers. Maybe the Irish need to flip it around. Add some flair and creativity to all that heart and soul.

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