Euro 2012: Group D: Marko Devic’s ghost goal haunts Ukraine

This is simply baffling. The fifth official standing right over the goal line with a clear field of vision misses the ball crossing the goal line before John Terry clears the ball. The score should have been 1-1 and Ukraine was in the ascendancy. England’s progress out of Group D might not have been so clear cut.

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2 comments on “Euro 2012: Group D: Marko Devic’s ghost goal haunts Ukraine
  1. That was a goal. But at full speed it is so hard to get that right. Less than a second to see it has crossed the line, with a white post, white shoe, white sock and white ball. Hence, the need for goal line video analysis. Like I have said before here, college football (in the US) effectively does replay for every single play. Easier of course in American Football where there are stoppages. The NHL also does an excellent and timely analysis of goals. Time for FIFA to get with the program.

  2. There was a fifth official right on the line and he missed that! Each coach should be afforded two challenges – it should take but a few minutes to render a verdict with video replay which can be built into stoppage time.

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