Euro 2012: Miroslav Klose to start in Germany vs Greece austerity bowl

france vs greece.jpg
The Lazio striker is apparently Jogi Low’s first choice over Mario Gomez because of his big match production. He ranks second only to Gerd Muller’s 68 goals with 63 scored in 119 national appearances. In Klose, Mesut Oezil will have a partner who can feed off those one-two’s. However, the real weapon against the Greece may not be who the Germans have on the pitch or their football tactics.
“Here’s a secret tactical tip,” one user suggested. “Every German player takes a few euro coins onto the field and lets one fall when things get tough. The Greeks will be so busy picking them up that the players can continue to kick the ball unobstructed.”
It all comes back to the Euro crisis. And Germany is the big dog in the fight policing Greece for scraps and bones. But if we’re talking history, the Greece are not to be taken lightly. The Greeks fierce resistance to the Axis in World War II was a thorn in Adolf Hitler’s side throughout their occupation. In footballing terms, allow the inevitability of occupation but then make life uncomfortable enough for the possibility of a spectacular heist. See the Kidnapping of General Kriepe.

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