Euro 2012: Violent clashes mar Russia vs Poland match

The Warsaw police department deployed 6,000 officers, in one of their most intensive security operations, and it proved crucial in tamping down the violence that ensued before the Russia vs Poland match. Even so there were 184 arrests as fans from both countries fought pitched battles in which 10 police officers along with 10 fans were treated for injuries. Afterwards, Poland’s PM, Donald Tusk reacted:
“It really wasn’t any historic Polish-Russian battle, but rather involved several hundred idiots from both sides,” he said Wednesday.
“We’ll teach them all a lesson, whether they’re Polish or Russian or someone else,” he warned.
The violence was instigated by Polish hooligans who attacked Russian supporters numbering 5,000 moving through Warsaw to the National Stadium commemorating their national day prior to the match. The sagacity of permitting such a march has been questioned.
UEFA also fined Russia $150,000 for their fans attacking four Polish stewards after the Czech Republic match and threatened an additional penalty of deducting six points in the next Euro Championship if their fans turned violent again.

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