Florent Malouda and Oscar: Chelsea’s financial doping at play

Florent Malouda is looking to Santos but they cannot afford his wages
Here we have Oscar slated for a Chelsea transfer but £25m is not good enough for Internacional because they want more. The Brazilian club’s president, Giovanni Luigi explains:
” I want the transfer of Oscar to be the biggest transfer deal ever in Brazilian football,” Luigi said. “And the Chelsea offer isn’t that far from that.”
At the same time Florent Malouda, who is planning to end his career in Brazil has scared off Santos because off his wage demands. Here is coach Muricy Ramalho’s explanation:
“Malouda was offered to us. He’s a very interesting player, but you get scared when they tell you their demands,” Ramalho said. “They say they are in crisis in Europe, but they spend so much money on transfers there.”
Austerity is devastating the most vulnerable sections of UK society while Chelsea. PSG, and City spend money like drunk overlords. From outside Europe, this is what it looks like.

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