Gareth Bale out: No expected return date

If you watch the video it was a garden variety clip by Charlie Adam. Cynical yes, but not unusually so for this day and age. The history is a bit different. Adam while at Blackpool was the player who tackled Bale causing ankle ligament damage which led to a three month injury absence in 2011. So he has some context for his paranoid reaction calling Adam “a bit of a coward”.
Trust me, this is a perfectly normal reaction if you’re an Arsenal fan with the way some teams have left their mark literally and figuratively on their players over the years.
Bale has been in the news for refusing to play for team GB claiming a back injury but then made his side’s pre-season tour to the USA. It incurred the wrath of the Blatter man who suggested the winger should be banned playing for Spurs during the Olympics. Not defending Bale here but this is a bit rich coming from someone who should have been banned years ago for turning FIFA into a Swiss bank account.
The upshot is Bale will most likely miss the Red Bulls match and his return date is unclear.

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