A few thoughts on Rio Ferdinand’s “choc ice” retweet

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No retreat, retweet
The FA has spoken. Rio Ferdinand is to be fined £45,000 for re-tweeting “choc ice” used to describe the sense of betrayal when Ashley Cole took the stand to defend John Terry in his racial abuse trial against Rio’s brother, Anton Ferdinand.
There are a few ways of looking at this away from the abuse angle.
First, getting docked £45,000 for a crime by association. Rio became notorious for a force multiplier effect by picking on the “choc ice” derogation which was not even his and spraying it to a large army of followers. It became polarizing because of his colour, connection to the sport, and to the plaintiff. Otherwise it would have been just another witty observation.
Second, it serves as a reminder that even in this post racial society, one has not completely turned the page away from the ghetto-ization of race and colour. We live in a world where tribal allegiances rule and perceived betrayal is swiftly punished.
Third, this would have never been if Ashley Cole and John Terry were not such easy targets outside of Stamford Bridge. If we look at it from that point, £45,000 is a small amount to pay. Both have a long list of transgressions that left copious amounts of slime. Cole defending an indefensible Terry brought to the fore, more of that same ooze.
Fourth, there is a glaring lack of professionalism in soccer. It is getting easier and easier with the use of more powerful social media toys at one’s disposal to air out instant grievances to even larger segments of population. This feeds into the second point.
Fifth, this is Ashley Cole. Choc ice? You want a fully loaded package? That’s just an add on to money grubber, adulterer, liar, and diver.

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