Alex Song defends himself from rumours

Does anyone remember Alex Song being a particularly disruptive, ill tempered, undisciplined sort? Was he a wantaway? No, not really. These stories of him showing up late for practise and mouthing off in the locker room could be a switch and bait from the real reasons. They were quite well timed. Obviously the boardroom approved selling off Arsenal’s assist leader to Barca. We still don’t know quite why.
This is just a theory but they wanted to get as much for him without prolonging a Fabregas like saga before the financial fair play rules kicks in next season and clubs get their books examined by UEFA’s proctologists. There could be a wait and watch spending limbo for a few seasons before clubs find or exploit loopholes.
The end result is one more player who leaves with a cloud hanging over the head and with very little good to say about the club. Paradoxically, we have a manager known and respected the world over for his nurturing attitude towards young players. Ivan Gazidis may defend this boardroom as being transparent but it seems more and more closed off to fans that love and follow Arsenal.

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