Viggo Mortensen hates Jose Mourinho

The shadow of Mourinho is upon us, Aragorn
The star of the Lord of the Rings trilogy is a big fan of San Lorenzo and Real Madrid. In his childhood days living in Argentina, he grew up loving San Lorenzo while in Europe he is an ardent follower of Real Madrid. But he hates the present coaches of both clubs, that is, Ricardo Caruso Lombardi and Jose Mourinho.
“In Spain I am fan of Real Madrid, but I hate Mourinho. In Austin Powers there is Mini-Me. Well, for me, Caruso is the mini-Mourinho, both have the same cowardly approach. You have a team that can play ball but they do not “ he said.

“No guts, no glory. You need to go forward without fear. As a fan, that’s what I think and I say.”

Mortensen goes back to Argentina several times a year to follow San Lorenzo in the Liga, so he’s not some hack spouting off on the sport. He’s presently in Buenos Aires shooting for Ana Piterbag’s film Todos Tenemos Un Plan.
Did we say Viggo was a fine actor? American Yakuza, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, A History of Violence, Eastern Promises, and The Road.

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