An oldie but a goodie: David Brent on football management

Being: Liverpool is a FSC documentary with the first episode to be aired this Sunday, the 16th. There are enough examples to show Brendan Rodgers channels David Brent in his interviews. He also has a self portrait hanging on a wall in his living room. So without further ado, above a clip of Brent on football management.
” Do you think that Alan Hansen or Mark Lawrenson would have had the careers they had if they’d have had the skills, but without the discipline? Without the concentration? It’s not easy passing the ball back to the goalkeeper every single time you get it for ninety minutes. Yeah, they got out the game before they changed the back-pass rule. One step ahead, you know. “
Priceless. Arsenal’s goalie, David Seaman gets some comical boosting from Brent.

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One comment on “An oldie but a goodie: David Brent on football management
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