Bacary Sagna prepares the ground for his final year

More proof that Alex Song’s departure was not because he was a disruptive locker room presence but governed by an economic imperative. And it comes from Bacary Sagna, probably one of the calmest presences in the Arsenal locker room and not given to hyperbole. In an interview with L’Equipe:
” Everyone was expecting Robin van Persie to leave, but Alex Song, that was a surprise. I don’t understand that at all. It is a big loss for the club.”
Sagna is a veteran in the team coming over in 2007 from Auxerre. He has seen many of his team mates depart probably with a good idea of their reasons for doing so. There was not one word to suggest Song wanted to move out of Arsenal or his behaviour was leading to friction within the club. Whatever the reasons, it has him anxious for his future. He will be in his final year of his contract at the end of this season. The fact that he’s spent many months out with his injury and observed 20 year old Carl Jenkinson taking over his position as a potential replacement may mean he might be on the selling block.
He will soon be 30 years of age and he’s another one in the generation of Arsenal player who has not tasted success.
“In May, I watched City’s parade on TV. I saw Samir and GaĆ«l lift the trophy. I want that [feeling].”
There has been no movement from Arsenal to extend his contract. One can understand why the future looks a bit uncertain for him and he’s sending out feelers.

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