Cristiano Ronaldo is “sad”

No one would be caught dead with Irina Shayk. Putting up with her is just sad.
The Spanish media is all atwitter about Cristiano Ronaldo not celebrating his goals against Granada. Reports say he is “sad” at Real Madrid. There is talk he feels unloved in the locker room.
Have you ever noticed how Ronaldo can’t tear his eyes away from the monitor when he scores goals as he barely acknowledges team mates jumping on his back, hugging him, pinching his cheeks in celebration? Strikers are a supremely narcissistic lot but Ronaldo takes it to another level altogether.
There are two theories and they both involve Leo Messi.
Maybe he overheard Jose Mourinho whispering to Pepe, “Cara, as long as Messi is around, Cristiano is going to suck ass.”
It may not be his locker room he’s complaining about. He’s complaining about every other locker room that puts Leo Messi in front of him.

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