Adel Taraabt’s touch of genius sets up SWP’s Chelsea shocker, 1-0

Which way will the wind blow? Adel Taraabt is one of those players who can impact a match in a nanosecond as he did with this touch of genius setting up Shaun Wright- Phillips shock winner against his former club. Then again Taraabt can infuriate like no other. SWP’s first goal came after 969 days of his last one and it could be a season changer. Harry Redknapp could still pull off a miracle and save QPR from relegation.
This was a monumental win because Chelsea were on the cusp of a “we are the club to beat” narrative while QPR were scraping the bottom of the barrel. Chelsea dominated and had a number of chances but failed to capitalize putting even more pressure on Demba Ba to produce on his now foregone arrival.
Marko Marin was the mugger in chief. Why was that not a red card? The German got a bit of his own medicine as Shaun Derry attempted to decapitate him. No, not a patch on Game of Thrones. Season 3 will begin in March and there are specialty beers to go with that festive occasion.

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