Sergio Ramos receives a five match ban after Celta de Vigo ejection

He got his first warning when he mildly clobbers Quique De Lucas who milks it for all its worth falling down like he had been shot and writhing around. It leads to some handbags between the players and Ramos gets carded by referee Ayza Gamez whose decision is greeted by a stream of invective from the aggrieved defender. To be fair he had reasons to be aggrieved.
Ramos then gets sent off in the second half after he tangles with Augusto Fernandez and then while tumbling down his right leg comes up high and rakes the midfielder’s face with the boot. It didn’t looked particularly deliberate, unlike Mario Balotelli’s noggin stomp of Scott Parker or Emmanuel Adebayor’s similar decapitation move on Robin Van Persie. But Ramos had already said stuff like, “You’re a crook” three times which did not exactly endear him to Gamez. And oh, “You’ve been fu*king us all day” about twice. So the League decided to tack on an extra two matches for his verbal abuse.
Ramos might have felt hard done by but he has a reputation for being boneheaded and entitled. Referees are getting less and less tolerant of this grandstanding.
As for the match it did not make much of a difference as Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat trick in a 4-0 romp over Celta de Vigo in the Copa Del Rey fixture which means they move onto the quarterfinals on a 5-2 aggregate. And for those curious, yes, Park Chu -young has been getting regular minutes. He has scored two goals! in 12 appearances which include 5 starts. Why he was brought to Arsenal still escapes a lot of us.

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