The Luis Suarez show rolls on against Sunderland, 3-0

szólj hozzá: Liverpool vs Sunderland 3:0 GOALS HIGHLIGHTS
Does Liverpool need strengthening? Of course it does. But on such days, Luis Suarez does enough to gloss over that need with a few galaxies to spare. For all the doom and gloom of some over the top spending that went horribly awry, Liverpool can legitimately argue Suarez is the best bit of business the EPL has done in the last three years.
That second goal should have never been but Suarez had one thing in mind. He got bumped off by a galumphing Carlos Cuellar, regained his balance, and then as the defender collapsed in a heap corralled the ball and put the burners on. The Uruguayan came at Simone Mignolet from an angle and finished off with a superb placement. This is what it sounded like.
As an Arsenal fan, one can’t keep thinking Suarez would have glowered at the bedraggled lot seen yesterday at St Mary’s and deciding they weren’t worth a bucket of warm spit, taken the Soton defense on his own and torn them apart. We are seeing a player of incomparable passion, guile, and power who cannot be measured by the usual metrics. He seems to be just getting started and that is the scary part. Last season was how many could Suarez miss. This time around it is what does it take to make him miss. He was not the only one to go celestial as Steven Gerrard had a blinder launching a few precision bombs. Refer to third goal. Suarez doing the rest.
Liverpool climb to eighth and they could go a lot higher if they can continue this form. Watch out usual, blinkered suspects or you could be blindsided into a dumpster.

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