Zlatan and Martial vie for 9

J R R Tolkein was fond of the number 9. His fellowship of the ring was made up of 9 companions and the bad guys,the Nazgul – there were 9 of them too.
Zlatan and Martial are also fans of the number 9.
Zlatan was given the choice of number as part of his welcome to Manchester United and he chose 9.
Unfortunately no one in the Man United powers that be remembered to have the courtesy to check with Anthony Martial whether he wanted to give his number to the mighty Z.
Martial has made his pique known by changing his cover photo and profile picture on Facebook to feature the number 9 pretty prominently.


Mourinho made an ignominious exit from Chelsea because of clashes of ego that went out of control.
And he’s in the middle of another one before the season has even got close to starting.
Praising Zlatan does not seem to be a good way of solving this number blunder.

One comment on “Zlatan and Martial vie for 9
  1. In my opinion Zlatan has got too big ego to play anywhere… He claims to become a god in Manchester United but to be honest I don’t see that coming.

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