Ronaldo trailing in Pichichi race

It’s a long way to go to the end of the race yet – but C Ron has had his worst start ever to any season.He has scored just two goals in his first six matches, his lowest tally so far at Real Madrid.To compare, by this point in the 2014-15 campaign Ronaldo had already bagged an incredible 13, while last season he netted five times in his first six outings.
And he’s also kind of lost his touch when it comes to scoring off free kicks.
Those twisty bendy rocket free kicks – the nightmare of goalkeepers – are a thing of the past.Nowadays goalies don’t lose any sleep over that fact that they might have to face a Ronaldo free kick.
And he has also failed to score in his last four games at Santiago Bernabeu – another unenviable historical landmark.
Real Madrid became the fourth La Liga team to top the table this weekend after a gritty 2 -1 win over Athletic Bilbao.
Ronaldo didn’t score the goals.
Highlights …

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