Conte takes Chelsea to the title

Blue seems to be the winning colour.
Chelsea,after Leicester City became the second team in blue in two years to become EPL Champions. A one nil win over West Brom – courtesy a late,82nd minute goal, from Michy Batshuayi gave them their second title in three seasons.
As defending Champs last year,they had a season of discontent with a malcontented Mourinho and ended up 10th in the standings.
Conte took over Mourinho’s mess and brought Chelsea back.Eden Hazard in particular – who hadn’t scored a single goal between August 2015 and 23rd April 2016 – was able,under Conte, to remember what he used to be able to do.This time around he scored 15 goals in 34 games.
Conte has left the likes of Guardiola and Klopp far behind him and has proved himself to be better than the best.
Highlights of the winning game…


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