Penalty misery for England again

England lost the Euro Under 21 semi-finals to Germany on penalties.Painful memories of past penalty shootouts have resurfaced.England’s record against Germany in semi final penalty shootouts has been pretty dismal.
The 1990 English world cup team was one their finest – with legends like Gary Lineker,Paul Gascoigne on the team.England played superbly to reach the semifinal against Germany in Turin.That game is now remembered for the “tears in Turin” that were shed.
England lost that penalty shootout.Stuart Pearce and Chris Waddle did not score from their kicks.

Fast forward to Euro 96 and yet another semi final between England and Germany had to be decided on penalties.This time all five players from both teams scored.It went then to the dreaded sudden death rule- and Gareth Southgate missed.

And thus it came to pass that Southampton’s Nathan Redmond became the latest name on the list of England penalty shootout heartbreak specialists.He missed and so Germany are through to the finals where they will be meeting Spain.
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One comment on “Penalty misery for England again
  1. History just seems like it keeps on repeating itself. That’s too bad that England has lost to Germany the same way three times. It is very unfortunate that England is so close to making it to the finals but they just don’t seem like they can outshine Germany’s under 21 team. Perhaps England’s next U21 team will show their arch rivals that they won’t be able to sneak another close win away from them. At least we all know that the final match will be interesting to see who takes it all.

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