VAR fiasco in Germany Cameroon game

What should have been a quiet,unheralded exit from the Confederations Cup after losing 3 – 1 to Germany was made quite memorable for Cameroon thanks to the referee creating some spectacular confusion with the help of the VAR system.
The Germans were leading 1 – 0 when Cameroon’s Ernest Mabouka struck Emre Can with a high boot.
Referee Wilmar Roldan however gave Cameroon’s Sebastien Siani the yellow card in a case of mistaken indentity.
Then he called for a VAR review and realised his error.
He gave the card to the correct player this time.However he also managed to change his mind about the gravity of the offence in the process and changed the yellow to a red card.
The Cameroon team showed their consternation at the change of colour and tried their best to get the ref to reconsider his reconsidered decision.
There was a good deal of milling around and empassioned hand waving and stuff.
The confusion carried on for a while before things eventually got underway again.
The incident can be seen about halfway into the highlights …

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