Paulo Dybala breaches 20 man wall

Paulo Dybala took part in a charity football match in his hometown of Laguna Larga on Saturday.And during the course of the proceedings he eventually was awarded a free kick from the edge of the area.
The opposition,well aware of the fact that he had scored 19 goals last season,decided to play it safe by putting the entire team on the goal line.
Some friendly passers by were also roped in to act as reinforcements to further strengthen the wall.
When it was finished it was a thing of some magnificence.Not the kind of wall that Donald Trump would like because it was lacking solar power.But in every other sense it was a pretty good wall.How could anyone score a goal through a wall of bodies like that ?
But Dybala did
He found a gap in that 20 man wall and scored .
Must be a world record surely!



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