This time Mourinho blames the ref

Man United played out their third draw in a row.Mourinho had blamed Ashley Young for the first draw,alack of money for the second one and this time he fell back to his favourite lament.The referee’s refereeing was why United were unable to score.So while United’s archrivals break records under Pep Guardiola,Mourinho is sounding more and more like a broken record – churning the same familiar mournful laments for his lack of success.
United got booed off their hallowed Old Trafford ground at the end of a miserable zero goal draw and that brought the curtain down on 2017 for them.To make matters worse,Chelsea (of all teams) scored a 5 – 0 win over Stoke City in their last game of the year.
United have faded into third place as a result as City fade into the distance with a 18 point lead over them


Manchester United vs Southampton (0-0) HIGHLIGHTS | Premier League | 30.12.2017 by

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