“Freddy’s Not Ready” says Keller

From Florida’s Sun-Sentinel:
Every so often someone cuts through the spin to offer a dose of cold, unvarnished truth. Kasey Keller did as much recently in a FIFA.com interview, when he was asked whether Freddy Adu would play for the United States at the World Cup.
“I’ve gotten a few reports and the kid’s not ready yet,” Keller said. “This would never happen in Europe; look at [17-year-old] Theo Walcott, he goes to Arsenal and no one says he’s the next Pele. They just say he’s a young talent and Arsenal will try to make him a star.
“I just don’t want to see this kid [Adu] implode. There is one thing he should be doing right now and that is trying to play as well as he can for D.C. United. His representatives have to decide at some point whether he wants to make a few commercials or make a career. He has to dominate MLS before he does anything else.”
Adu, 16, begins his third season at D.C. United when MLS kicks off its 2006 season on Saturday.

My opinion is that Arena should take Freddy to the games, period. Even if he gets to sit on the bench. Even if it means dropping someone a little better. Why? Because we want to win- not this World Cup, perhaps, but maybe the one after next. And we want Freddy to be ready. Heck, even Brazil took Ronaldo to US 94.
Meanwhile, watch this for fun – (yes, it’s a bit too polished, but he’s got skills!)

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One comment on ““Freddy’s Not Ready” says Keller
  1. This would have not happened if Freddy was in Europe. He’d have better training, better advice, and he’d be going to the Cup.
    Frankly, he’s being penalized for being an MLS player.

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