Arsenal is in the Champions final: But is Thierry Henry staying?

Amongst the jubilation at Highbury and the financial windfall following Arsenal’s entry to the Champions League final, reportedly a cool £19.9m. That figure may reach £21.7m if they beat Barcelona or Milan in Paris on May 17, is a note of worry and real concern.
That match might be the last time Thierry Henry plays for Highbury. His future plans are something of an enigma but what is certain is that Barcelona and Real Madrid are duking it out to get him to their ball clubs. And we are talking serious money, the likes that Arsenal cannot afford.
Madrid are reportedly willing to offer the Premiership’s top scorer £154,000 a week, £4,000 a week less than Ronaldinho earns at Camp Nou. And Barca has made a commitment of £30 m for his services.
With both these clubs he enters the rarified world of Brazilian samba and African makossa soccer. With Barca he will have Ronaldinho and Samuel Eto’o and Real will give him Ronaldo and Kaka. Not to trivialize EPL soccer but these are really the big boys. And what striker worth his salt will spurn this chance.
Look for the Queen’s birthday honors that might bestow Thierry Henry with the coveted OBE or KCMG. Or at least a street or square in London named after him. C’mon! Sir Thierry Henry sounds pretty damn good. It is a small price to pay for keeping a player that has taken the first London club to a Championship final.

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