Soccer Violence – Destroying Joga Bonito

The violence we see at soccer games is turning the beautiful game into a rather ugly one.
AC Milan’s Ukrainian striker Shevchenko has it right when he says: “The fans have the right to protest but it is out of order to attack people. Whoever plays this game gives all they can and tries to win, I am convinced of that. I don’t know of any footballers who play for any other reason.”
“I don’t understand it. If you win then you are a superstar and if you lose you are a cretin, it happens at Inter, to us, at Juventus and others. It’s not like that in Ukraine or in other countries, I know that. There needs to be a sense of balance from everyone.”
Another insight into the problem comes from Joanna Taylor (wife of Danny Murphy):
“What I find truly shocking is that people would choose to stone an ambulance. Alan Smith had just suffered an awful leg-break and dislocated ankle and must have been beside himself. He had been playing well, doing a good job for Manchester United in midfield, and was looking to the World Cup. That all disappeared in one second and he then had to suffer some idiots attacking his ambulance.”
Read her column – “Monster gets out of control.”
Make it unacceptable to chant racist stuff at games as well. Spain has a problem here. Spain’s coach, Luis Aragones is an example of the problem, and should be disciplined for his stupid attitude. Why doesn’t FIFA do something with this moron of a coach?
Overall, this is a European problem and needs serious attention. The issues behind this kind of stupidity are societal issues and need to be taken care of by society. Penalize the jerks by throwing them in jail for a few months.
Save Joga Bonito!

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2 comments on “Soccer Violence – Destroying Joga Bonito
  1. I share your view that this is a societal issue. We are too lax in Europe.
    Often we fuel the fire of hatred by doing nothing.
    It is a shame that we consider ourselves civilized, when this kind of thing happens in our society.
    We must take concrete steps to change this climate of violence- both in soccer, and with our simmering immigrant-hatred which is rife throughout the EU.
    Are we going to let the hooligans take over? I hope not.

  2. Luis Aragones hexes Spain

    Spain coach Luis Aragones said his team can advance past the World Cup quarterfinals, its traditional stumbling block in recent tournaments. Spain has been eliminated in the quarterfinals twice in the last three World Cups. It was beaten on penalties…

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