Sven Goran Eriksson’s indiscretions

Sven Goran Eriksson makes as much noise off the field too. His big move after England’s World Cup appearance is still a mystery but he definitely is stepping down as England manager.
He was quite indiscreet with his remarks when interviewed by a undercover reporter posing as an Arab planning to open up a football academy. He was interested in managing Aston Villa after the reporter spun a story of a fictional Arab buyout of the club. In other comments, Rio Ferdinand was called “lazy sometimes” and Michael Owen was only interested in playing for Newcastle United because of the money.
Sven has also been caught with his pants down after revelations of affairs with TV personality Ulrika Jonsson and FA Secretary Faria Alam.
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One comment on “Sven Goran Eriksson’s indiscretions
  1. I was shoked when I looked at the provisional world cup squad and i have to say I was not only shocked but ****ing disgusted by svens stupid ****ing decision to bring in Owen Hargreaves and Theo Walcott instead of Darren Bent and Jermaine Defoe. Both Strikers are great players, Bent in great form for Charlton and they rely on him for most of the goals, he has all the qualities a striker needs, bent played one game for England where he was average, so Sven decided not to give him a second chance where as Defoe has been impressive when ever he comes on for england. If Owen and Rooney do not recover who the **ck is going to play up front, joe cole accnot because he is not a natural striker Sven really is a senseless ***ck, what the **ck was he thinking bringing in a player who is 17 and has not played for arsenal yet on to the interational stage and also bringing in Hargreaves who should never be in the england squad, the only reason why he’s in the **cking squad is because he plays for Bayern Munich. But the positive side of all this is that sven will not manage england again after the world cup, thank **ck for that. SVEN’S A W*NKER.

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