Vikash Dhorasoo, Zizou’s midfield compatriot: France via Mauritius via India

It’s pretty abysmal when we consider the mark that Indian athletes have left on the world. We literally have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find some redemption. We can claim 500 million gold medals in the South Asian Federation games because we go up against Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and Maldives.
Not exactly world powers!
Even Sri Lanka has a better track record in the premier sporting events when Susanthika Jayasinghe claimed a bronze in the women’s 100 meters at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. India’s last medals in track came in the 1900 Paris Olympics when Norman Pritchard won silver in the 100 meters and 200 meter hurdles.
The story gets a bit better when we consider the Indian diaspora. Alexei Grewal, 1984 LA Olympics gold medalist in the road race and Mohini Bharadwaj, US Women’s gymnastics team captain and silver medalist in the team event at the 2004 Athens Olympics.
And now with Michael Chopra, Newcastle striker taking over Alan Shearer’s role (Disclaimer: I have not compared him to Alan Shearer) things are looking up a bit for football players of Indian origin.
But the big news is that Vikash Dhorasoo is going to be in the line up for France. The Paris St. Germain midfielder who has often been compared to Zinedine Zidane all these years may finally get playing time in this World Cup. Dhorasoo has been slated to share time on the left flank along with Sylvain Wiltord.
Vikash Dhorasoo.jpg
Vikash Dhorasoo
(Paris St. Germain midfielder)
Vikash Dhorasoo became the first player of Indian origin to win a major football medal when his club Olympique Lyonnaise won the French First Division title. In the 2003-04 season he was named The Best Player of Ligue 1.
And Dhorasoo wasn’t some substitute playing cameo roles; he is acknowledged as the team’s creative spark – he was their player of the 2003-2004 season – and has made it to the division’s all-star XI. Born in Mauritius to Indian parents, Dhorasoo has been making waves in French football for six-odd years now, likened in style to Zinedine Zidane and linked with transfers to Arsenal, Juventus and Liverpool, among others.
Vikash Dhorasoo
Vikash Dhorasoo profile and stats
I was being facetious when I said that Indian athletes have left no imprint on the world. Karnam Malleshwari got the bronze in the women’s 69 kg weightlifting at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and Rajyavardan Singh Rathore won a silver in the Athens Olympics in the men’s double trap event. Before that Leander Paes received a bronze for his third place finish in men’s tennis in the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. This medal finished almost four decades of individual futility since KP Jhadav’s boxing bronze in the bantamweight division at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics.
But you have to agree its pretty slim pickings. So Vikash score a goal in this World Cup so that you can enhance your Wikipedia entry as the first goalscorer of Indian origin in the World Cup.

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12 comments on “Vikash Dhorasoo, Zizou’s midfield compatriot: France via Mauritius via India
  1. The French name their 23 man squad

    Djibril Cisse, Liverpool striker Raymond Domenech has solved the goalkeeper quandary by keeping Fabian Barthez as his first pick. Gregory Coupet will get a look in if Barthez suffers a meltdown or goes out with injuries. Look out for…

  2. please note that vikash dhorasoo was not born in mauritius but in france from mauritian parents of indian origin.

  3. Vikash does not come via India. His parents are fourth generation Mauritians of Indian descent who came to the island during the British territorial government.
    Born in France- thus French citizen with roots from Mauritius.

  4. Vikash’s Great Grandparents came from India, the Majority of Mauritians have the same background.
    My Great Grandparents went to Guyana in South America where 51% of the population are Indian.
    Indians also form the Majority in Suriname (where Aron Winter comes from, another Indian)and also in Trinidad although sadly they aren’t represented in their World Cup Team.
    Indians were taken to numerous West Indian Islands and also to Fiji where the Golfer Vijay Singh comes from.
    They were first exported 168 years ago to Guyana and the Caribbean to replace the African Slaves who were liberated.
    One system of Slavery was replaced with another !
    Half of the present West Indies Cricket Team is of Indian origin so now we are moving into Football as well !
    All the best Vikash !

  5. Its about time that we Indians had some atheletes on the big stage. Im looking forward to the day that India actually qualifies for the World Cup.

  6. I am french, of indian origin and vikash big fan. Vikash grand parents were born in AP and they then came to Mauritius.
    In France, he’s seen first as a French and then Mauritian AND Indian.
    This player is really different. He has a very elegant style and has a special way to express himself.
    For example, he is the godfather of PFG “Paris Football Gay”. Although he is not gay, he struggles against that kind of discrimination.
    He was player in Milan AC last year but decided to come back in France.
    I hope he’ll win the World Cup. Go VIkash, go !

  7. Yep, Va Va Vikash. and Go indian athletes go, In South Africa we have an indian in the national cricket team, but its gonna be some time till Indians make it in the soccer or rugby teams, if ever!
    I also recall the British boxing sensation Aamir Khan at the last olympics!
    We gotta realise that an indians’ (generally speaking) physique is different to that of west africans, southern europeans and north europeans, not to mention south americans, east asians and arabs, and soccer is a more dependent on pure strength and physique than cricket, Apart from Pathans, Punjabis and some Gujuratis your average indian doesn’t have the same naturally endowed comparative advantage, hence one needs to look at the approach of the chineese, coreans, japs etc. to overcome this barrier. I recally watching the commonwealth games lightweight power lifting-almost entirely dominated by south asians.
    if all else fails-import afghans and play punjabis!
    As for vikash being a gay (queer) symbol, sad very sad.
    The French team, upon analysis only has 6 out of 22 players that are white-french! 1 Arab, 1 Indian, 1 Latino, and the balance(13) African! But theyre’ nothing(by popular regard) as Bougnol, Negris and the likes. Like the House Niggers Malcolm X spoke about, you’re at the best tolerated, forced into slums, yet if u have some value youre used for the well being of the nation! How many Algerian-French(except zizu) are respected and treated as equals as opposed to the “Other”.
    “Whilst the Field Nigger cries, burn house Burn!!”

  8. “if ever” – Rashad – What a load of rubbish you talk regarding physical stature. Indians come in all shapes and sizes. The Indian cricket team are athletes, and when lined up against Aussies, England and Windies, they look no more frail or slight. So, I totally disagree that in a nation on 1bn people, we would struggle to find any of the “right build”. But more than that, I disagree that football relies on strength and power. Pace and skill are the most important qualities required in football. Does Ryan Giggs look strong to you? Paul Scholes? Maradona? Think of any quality player and chances are that he won’t be a giant – it’s not a requirement unless all you can play is long ball. Even goalkeepers don’t have to be freakishly tall – 6′ is enough.
    Why does being a gay symobol make Vikash sad exactly? It’s just that kind of bigotry that he stands against.
    Sure, the French are notoriously picky about who they call their own, but so is every nation. Look at us Indians trying so hard to re-claim Vikash as our own!

  9. Vik is MAURITIAN! why dyu have to use india when mentioning MAURITIUS?
    let india play against CLUB M..i’m sure MAURITIUS will give them a thrashing!
    ALLEZ MAURICE!! GO MAURITIUS ( Allez Vikash(dhorasso),Allez Patrick (kisnorbo) future Socceroos

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