Arena can Breathe Again: USA 2, Venezuela 0

Brian Ching and Clint Dempsey showed us that the US can score goals. Maybe there’s hope for the US team yet. One thing I admire about Arena is his calmness. The US will need a steady game at the Cup.
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The star of the match, though, was the crowd – the largest to witness a Team USA match in Ohio. Nice going.
Next it’s Latvia.
Sidenote: The “matchtracker” deal on is a waste of time. I actually expected to see some streaming video from the game… but no such luck. Lame all around. Probably the worst user interface I’ve seen in a while. I’ll stick to ESPN2, thank you.

One comment on “Arena can Breathe Again: USA 2, Venezuela 0
  1. Completely agree about the matchtracker….total waste of time. Listening to the radio would be a better option. What about how we were able to watch the Barca-Arsenal game on our PC’s?? That was pretty smooth.

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