Arsenal owners make Keith Olbermann’s worst person list

In the May 11th edition of MSNBC’s , Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Arsenal’s owners were mentioned in the Worst Person segment of the programme. Curious?? Since when has the MSM mentioned English soccer or soccer for that matter. I thought it was going to be on the move from Highbury to the new stadium at Ashburton Grove and the ridiculously priced tickets that are going to pay for the stadium.
But as it turns out Olbermann’s broadside was aimed at something more sinister. Here is his nomination for Arsenal.
“The runner-up, the owners of the venerable British soccer team Arsenal and the stadium at which it has played for nearly a century, Highbury. As it moves to a new stadium, Arsenal had been selling off the seats from Highbury until it was discovered that the paint on those seats contained traces of cadmium. It is a toxic medical — metal that, among other things, can reduce men’s fertility.”
An extreme form of birth control? But there is nothing to worry. As Arsenal fans don’t park their arses on these seats all that much, at least not when the match is in progress. They prefer standing and singing as Thierry Henry scores goals galore. At least we hope so. Although it must be a darned problem getting through those metal detectors at airports.
But it is disturbing to note that the Arsenal owners stack up against such luminaries as Neal Boortz, Michael Savage, and Bill O’ Reilly for the worst person award. The winner of the 11th May edition of Countdown- Neal Boortz. Here is what he had to say on the Columbine tragedy.
But the winner, radio commentator Neal Boortz, who said that offering counseling to kids traumatized by shootings in schools was just an attempt to sell them on the idea that government is, quote, “responsible for everything.” He said there should not have been counseling offered to the students at Columbine. “I had a friend,” Boortz said, “that died of leukemia. Never once did they run a bunch of damned counselors into the school the next day assist me in getting my feeling out about this issue.” Yeah, Neal, and look how good you turned out.

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