Fan reaction to Thierry Henry’s decision to remain a Gunner

Across the board, fans from almost every English league club lit up the airwaves praising Thierry Henry’s loyalty to Arsenal. These fans know that their club will suffer at the feet of Henry.
Liverpudlians, Mancusians, Geordies, and many others. Conspicuous by their absence; the Spurs, wondering what it will take to get past Arsenal after 11 seasons of futility.
Some of the fan reaction
Can you imagine the Premiership without Henry? It would be like watching the World Cup without Brazil. He’s by far the greatest player in our league and I’m just happy he’s decided to stay.
YQ, Middlesbrough fan
He’s among the best players in the world and I really admire his attitude and work ethic.. We need players like him in the Premiership, even if he is putting the ball past our keeper!
Matt, Liverpool fan
Even as a Man Utd fan I’d like to say this is great news. We need more players like Henry in the Premiership who have the ability, the flair, and the sportsmanship to be a great role model.
Neko, Man Utd fan

One comment on “Fan reaction to Thierry Henry’s decision to remain a Gunner
  1. i never use to like football for the simple reason because oother players used to make a fool of themselves by fighting and falling down..but after watching henry play i believe he is the greatest footballer ever after diego maradona..he knows the game very well and alws steals the spotlight not because he always scores goal but because he plays well..i’ve been keeping up with the epl and all of henry’s game since then..HENRY IS THE BEST…and HENRY ROCKS!!!

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