If Sven can pick Walcott, then why can’t Arena pick Adu

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If the criteria for being in the World Cup for every other team seems to be age 17, then why the heck does Adu have to sit it out? Bruce Arena, listen up!
Sven waxes eloquent over Theo Walcott, who has not seen a minute of Premiership action but is now in the 27 man English squad for the World Cup.
What must Freddy Adu be thinking? If only somebody believed in me like a Sven Goran. If only I was in Europe playing for Chelsea. If only I was in Ghana. My club manager just declared that I could play for DC United on a conditional basis because I need discipline and here is a player who has not even played for his club and is in his national squad.
I just think that we would not see talent in soccer if it bit us in the ass out here in the US.
Its too late but I just thought I would vent a bit of spleen.

3 comments on “If Sven can pick Walcott, then why can’t Arena pick Adu
  1. Have you seen Adu play though? The kid is a marginal MLS player at best at this point. Arena is correct not to pick the guy. He hasn’t earned a spot. The same can be said of Walcott. In this case, Sven is the one who made the mistake. Not Arena.

  2. Bob,
    I think Adu just not been given enough of a chance at DC. If clubs like Chelsea, PSV were interested in Adu as reported, they would have made sure of his development. And the US would have benefited from this exposure.

  3. If you follow Brazil, Argentina they keep very young talented players in the world cup team for the big-time experience, think about the first world cup for Maradona, Ronaldo, Kaka, they hardly played in their first world cup. Remember the experience matters – French team has proved that again. So, building up the experience early on should be given importance. In fact, the team management should think of WC 2014 during WC 2010, keep 2/3 young players in the team just for the experience. Yes, there has to be some proof of the talent and growth.

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