Juventus: The Serie champions have been getting by with a little help from friends

This could be a scene from one of those movies involving the Cosa Nostra.
There is an investigation going on right now into allegations that referee selection in the 2004 Serie season was influenced by Juve supremo ‘Lucky’ Luciano Moggi. His phone conversations with an Italian offiicial in charge of match officials have been recorded and transcripts released to the Italian media
Investigators are also looking into allegations that Udinese players were carded by the referees against their match with Brescia through the intervention of one of Juve’s directors, Antonio Giraudo.
Udinese were reduced to ten players and lost that match and in the following week lost to Juventus. Who went on to win the Serie Championship in 2004.
Something tells me that the NSA is not really tapping MLS phone calls. Not just yet. But then if soccer were to become really big. Who knows?

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One comment on “Juventus: The Serie champions have been getting by with a little help from friends
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    Luciano ‘Lucky’ Moggi, ex-Juventus supremo If you’re Pope Benedict XVI, you are in an embattled mode with an image problem nowadays. The Catholic Church does not just have child predators as priests but they are all bloodthirsty as well…

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