Thierry Henry is a Gunner till 2010

My admiration for Thierry Henry went up an octave or more. Just when I thought it could get no higher. Arsenal spurned two £50m offers from the La Liga clubs, once Henry made up his mind to stay. The man did not want more money, he wants a legacy and that is far better. Imagine a Frenchman throwing his lot in with the EPL and ending his career in England. It should be enough to convince the hardheads in England to give up the pound and take up the euro. If not, then the least they could do is knight the guy and give him a small kingdom. Me thinks Thierrywich sounds better than Thierryshire or Thierrysex. What do you think?
I think Arsenal will be the club, with new talents Theo Walcott, Cesc Fabregas, and Johann Djourou. Go Gunners. I am wearing my Arsenal jersey today

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