Video: Yawn – England 1, Belarus 2

While I’m upset about Fergie keeping Rooney off the England roster (and yes, in all fairness, he should be looking after his player) I was somewhat encouraged by England’s loss to Belarus yesterday.
Sven should be feeling fine. Here’s why:
1. The big guns were resting: David Beckham, Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Paul Robinson Rio Ferdinand and John Terry were drinking beer in the stands.
2.Owen looked fine: he did help set up the goal and looked fit. No visible limping or wincing like Beckham in 2002.
3. Theo Walcott can play with the big boys: I liked his shot near the end.
4. What was Robert Green doing? He hurt himself on a goal kick which turned into a goal for Belarus. At least he won’t be doing this in Germany, if he gets to go that is.
5. Aaron Lennon looked good. He could fill in for Becks any day, which is only good news.
6. Peter Crouch was okay. Owen and Crouch still need some work if they’re going to be the dynamic duo up front (think Romario-Bebeto, or Romario-Ronaldo).
So here’s the video – the commentary is in Romanian, but the song remains the same – England 1, Belarus 2.

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