Vinnie Jones, soccer player grabs Gazza’s attention

One of the well known toughs in movies throughout the world. I saw his film debut in Lock, Stock, and two Smoking Barrels. Now he is gone onto much bigger roles and is playing Zeljko Raznatovic alias Arkan in the new movie “The Filthy War” due for release in 2007.
But Vinnie Jones was also a well known enforcer in English Premier League soccer and holds the record for the quickest booking, 3 seconds into the game. He played for Wimbledon, Leeds United, Sheffield United, Chelsea and Queens Park Rangers. Internationally, he played for Wales, qualifying for that nationality through his grandparents. He played 384 league games and scored 33 goals in his soccer career, most of them with Wimbledon FC.
What made him notorious through the soccer world; he leapt to fame when a photographer at a match snapped him “marking” Newcastle United’s Paul Gascoigne by grabbing his testicles. The photo shows Gazza in distinct discomfort.

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