Ashley Cole’s last days at Arsenal

As a Gooner fan, this is a hard blow to take. Cole was one of the brightest spots in this year’s dysfunctional English squad. He has been a pillar on defence and enterprising on attack for Arsenal. Cole was docked for talking to Chelsea behind Arsenal’s back. In his book, Cole accuses Arsenal of hanging him out to dry using him as a scapegoat for the incident. Cole also claims that Arsenal had its worst season under Wenger, and that Arsenal has been under decline since Vieira left.
Chelsea has deep pockets and now that Cole has married Cheryl Tweedy, the new power couple have a few more expenses to think of. Arsenal probably could afford Cole but not Cole and Tweedy, and all this talk about Arsenal having seen its best days is all just a way out.
Too bad. I was hoping that after Cole’s injury that sidelined him from Arsenal for the last 4 months of the EPL season, he would be back to anchor the defence along with Sol. Looks like Arsenal might have to go shopping for a left back.

16 comments on “Ashley Cole’s last days at Arsenal
  1. cole is is typically overhyped git
    however i agree we are in decline. wenger has lost the plot

  2. Cole is by his own admission not very bright, but on the other hand before the Chelski meeting Arsenal made an offer which he signed then Arsenal backed out of because they did not want to pay the agents fee. Also at Arsenal there is a certain wage structure if you are a full fledged international. Cole had not been upgraded to this in two years. I love Arsenal and am Arsenal thru & thru but I do think we are a bit tight sometimes and we should try to hold on to our better players. However if that sh*thead doesn;t want to play for Arsenal he can go for all I care. We should move on and find better players. A shame really cos he is the only England player at Arsenal. Wenger has lost the plot… it is clear to everyone that we’ve needed a world class centre-back and a holding midfielder for at least two years. Hey we’ll probably get by, BUT WHY SHOULD WE… WE ARE THE ARSENAL

  3. every year the same thing the whole summer worrying over which marquee players leave,but the one thing any self respecting gooner should relize is the curse of wenger.he who leaves arsenal under wenger under a slight cloud never prospers think anelka,petit,overmarsjeffers,seaman,manninger,and last but by no means least monsieur viera so always remember the grass is not always greener

  4. Thank you for al those nice years, Cole! But now you really have to go and piss off! Why do you want to join Chelsea ? I know it’s for the big money, but what about the nice ambiance at Arsenal ? you can’t find that kind of ambiance at Chelsea. And what about the beautifull history of Arsenal ? Chelsea doesn’t have a history at all! You are totally wrong to join Chelsea, mate.
    And maybe we’ll see you next season at the Emirates wearing number 96 and sitting on the Chelseabench, because you forget that Chelsea is a football factory.
    And dear Arsenal fans, don’t worry! We don’t have to buy a replacement for Cole. We allready have Gael Clichy.
    We don’t have to buy 4 or 5 players a year. We aren’t Real Madrid or Barcelona, who always buy 6 or 7 players a year. We are the Arsenal, and everything about this club is stylish

  5. Let him go and probably rot on the bench for Chelsea the whole season. To fit in with the squad, he would have to change his style of play and cut down on his forward runs, and that is to me what makes him so special as a full-back. so we’ll probably never gonna see the reel Cole if he moves to Chelsea and I’m pleased for that! i know Clichy will rise to the occasion and we’ll hardly miss that traitor. good riddance !

  6. Yeah, really pissed off with the moron. By the way, we have Clichy…… and we have Flamini as well. I was very impressed when Flamini came in for the LB position.

  7. It’s not true to say that after players leave Arsenal they go into decline. First of all, usually the only reason they are being sold is because they are ALREADY in decline.
    Besides, Vieira won the title with Juve before they were stripped of it and Anelka won the European Cup with Real Madrid. Luis Boa Morte is a great player, we should have kept him.
    Cole is a tosser, and he can sod off for all I care, but Wenger is slowly losing the plot – reaching the Champions League final was more by luck than design – are you telling me Wenger planned to play 4-5-1 with Senderos, Flamini and Eboue in defence from the start?!?
    The board may have bitten off more than they can chew with this stunning stadium. We only need a couple of buys and we’ll be back up there, but Wenger has a history of sitting on his hands when we need him to act most!

  8. gooners, you vitriolic lot. Don’t have a go a poor old Ashley. It’s clearly not his fault. He’s more than bereft of intelligence, he’s vacuous between the ears. Because he has such a serious lack of cognative ability he has to listen to others and this is where the blame lies. The leeches, the insidious cancer of football are the agents. These self-effacing self- serving pricks are the ones whom the dullard Cole listend to. Their interest is not in the player but it in their own greedy gains. Ashley Cole is a symptom of a far more serious ill that is strangling the beautiful game – commercialism. Look at that detestable mob in west London for sharp evidence of this…so for now forgive the little git and hopefully he can enjoy life with that moronic thing he’s married – because he has no life at Arsenal!

  9. Cole is soon going to find out he is just another cog in Chelsea’s wheel. He deserves that because he is a pisser.

  10. Without Vieira and Cole,Arsenal got to play in the CL Final.They are not at their best anymore.Let them go.Wenger has been creating super star and Chelsea is picking up stars in their downfall.

  11. Last season was, of course, fretful at times. But how can anyone think that a team which has an average age in the low twenties, the best player in the world on a long contract and reached the Champions League Final (and almost won it with 10 men) is in decline? Chelski are, to be fair, complete cunts and are ruining the game for everyone else, but lets not lose focus on the team AW is building. Cole has no place in it and I hope he spends the rest of his career on Chelski’s bench after Roman decides he fancies Carlos instead.

  12. For anyone who thinks Arsenal reneged on their offer to Cole, think about it like this! DD didnt PROMISE anything to COle, he cant and doesnt have the power to, its a joint decision by the board on what a player earns not one man and when he said to COle he’d put his request to the board!!! Thats not a promise in my books or anyone else’s, it sjust plainly clear that some fans are too fucking stupid to realise this and then have the cheek to call Cashley COle dumb, Pot and Kettle spring to mind!

  13. I really like what little I was able to see of Clichy last season. As far as I am concerned the Gunners are a more talented team with cole but are a better more cohesive team without Cole.

  14. Ashley Cole is one of the biggest tossers in football today, bags of talent I must admit but Arsenal made him the talent he is today, he does the ultimate betrayal and approaches chelsea illegally and cries like a baby when he gets caught and arsenal keep their distance. Good riddance to an asse !!!

  15. Ashley Cole can go for all I care, his dream was to play for Arsenal the team he supported as a schoolboy. Now he wants to leave because he feels Arsenal left him out to dry. Boo hoo. If he had not gone behind the teams back in the first place and meet with Chelski. He would not find himself in the position to begin with. If I were Arsenal I would sell him quick.

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