Brasil, Brasil, Brasil

Our first loss in 14 games. We will be back.
It seems that France has our number. We lose to them at the most unfortunate moments.
And this time again it was Zidane, playing as if it was his last game (which it would have been if France had lost).
Parreira will be gone soon in my estimation. He made a fatal mistake: he coached with his mind in the past.
How else could you justify Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos?
Robinho, we will have to wait for the next world cup to see you. Hopefully we will also see Kerlon.

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2 comments on “Brasil, Brasil, Brasil
  1. You’re right about Parreira.
    A coach has to put the best team forward. And we were not the best team we could have been against France.
    We actually looked a lot better when we played Japan, with Roberto Carlos on the bench.
    But hindsight is 20/20 as they say.

  2. Zidane was inspired, but the whole match I waited for the “real” Brasil to show up. And waited, and waited.
    I am happy for the Old Geezers on France, but the Tournament will not be the same.

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