The End for Brasil

The experts were wrong, even at Fox.
Brasil lost. What bothers me is how we lost. Playing an uninspiring game. We were samba-less. Soul-less. It is a pity, a real pity for fans of the game. Not even one real chance at goal for the first half. This was not Brasil. It was like we were English, playing not to lose.
On a personal level I have to say I’m just sick to my stomach. Literally.
Who could have predicted we would lose to France?
Hats off to Zizou. He proved what a great general he is today.

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2 comments on “The End for Brasil
  1. It really wasn’t any great surprise, if Ghana had had a first class finisher such as Klose or Henry they could well have left a round earlier. Undoubtebly Brazil had the best team at the tournament, but after watching the first 80 minutes of the France game you had to wonder how they could ever have hoped to beat a decent European side with such a style of play, taking a criminally casual attitude to posession and giving so much space on the ball for opponents to create chances.
    Obviously the coach is to blame, on tactics and team selection, picking names rather than talents, no less so than Roberto Carlos who has been awful in every game.
    However in the next world cup with the lame ducks gone and the great array of prospects that Brazil posesses and hopefully a decent coach at the helm, I think they will have a team with the talent to surpass the sides of 1970 and 1982.

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